"This is to introduce myself as a Typewriter Artist as well as a Wildlife Photographer. As an artist I have developed a passion of creating images out of Manual Typewriter Machine, generally used in typing letters, documents etc. By profession I am a retired Income Tax Officer, aged 62 years. In my early service life when I started my typist job, during my lazy hours Iused to toy with typewriter keys in creating scenario, buildings and sometimes images of comic characters.  One fine morning I found   that I could create fascinating  faces in Manual Typewriter and I also found  that my inventive aptitude turns into passion and I started a dream of painting  type faces perfectly in Black & White.  It would take 4 to 9 hours to create an image on Manual Typewriter, in one sitting particularly at night, using Coma, Full-stop, different Xs, Dash, Plus, Minus, Brackets, Slash and other keys of typewriter wherever it necessary. Perhaps, a new skyline has been opened for Typewriter People a passion which fulfilled a dream of creation of images on paper ‘THROUGH THE EYES OF TYPEWRITER’.

I have  already created number of images which includes Famous Nonsense Verse Writer Sukumar Ray’s  (Satyajit Ray’s father) ‘ABOL-TABOL' ( 35 Nos.), Obsolete Kalighat Paintings of Bengal drawn during late 19th Century & early 20th Century (20 Nos.), Series of Rabindra Nath Thakur of his different ages ( 10 Nos.) and number of International & Indian Personalities i.e., Sri Sri Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Mother Teresa, Chaplin, Mujibar Rahman, APJ Abdul  Kalam (President of India), Amitabh Bachchan and so many. And I intend to create images of the works of Jamini Roy (Shantiniketan), Joynal Abedin of Bangladesh and so many Indian & International Personalities. I must thank my wife, Rakhi & son, Saikat for without their inspiration, I might not have created such perfect facinating images.

According to my friends and relatives & media critics, “perhaps I am the only Artist on Manual Typewriter Machine with such dedication for creative and rare arts”. I have already proved that Typewriter is not an obsolete one and used for typing documents only but also it can be used for creating images, a rare media of art in the World.

I am very fond of Travelling in Forest with my NIKON Camera & Video.  I used to shoot photographs of flora, fauna especially big cats & birds and human events too .  Since 1990 I am very much engaged in Conservation of Nature and associated with Calcutta Wildlife Society (An Organisation for the Cause of Conservation of Nature, Environment & Ecology) where I am the Secretary. The Society established a Mangrove Ecological Park at Jharkhali, Sundarban having land area of 10 ha and already conserved and planted 55 mangrove species out of 96 species available in Indian Sundarban. Out of 55 species, 35 are threatened according to IUCN Red Data List. 

The Mangrove Ecological Park have already been recognized during 2004-05 by Botanic Gardens Conservation International, a London based charity after rewarding a Project.  The Society has also established a Primary School named "PROTHOM ALO" at Tridibnagar, Jharkhali, besides theirregular  Nature Awareness Campaign among the school students & villagers  through plantation andother social work at that area. Besides all above, I am fond of instrumental music. Sometimes I used to playViolin for my own satisfaction.


Recently I have sent two books to the President of India, dr. Apj abdul Kalam on Typewriter Paintings – one on Sukumar Ray’s ‘abol tabol' and another on Tagore, Kalighat patas & Eminent personalities which has been greeted and felicited by him, which is a great news for me. (click here to see)

Besides, I also sent a portrait of Amitabh Bachchan and the book of Typewriter Paintings to Amitabh Bachchan & Jaya Bachchan, the legend actors. Sri bachchan is so impressed that the potrait will be kept place in his gallery of memorabilia.(click here to see)

Last but not the least I thank all the visitors of my website. I'll be grateful if you kindly sign my guestbook and convey your valuable comments."